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re-distributed in accordance with the
requirements of economic production.
It is not only that there is what is called a
housing shortage in nearly every region of the
earth, but most of the existing accommodation,
by modern standards, is unfit for human occupa-
tion. There is scarcely a city in the world^ the
new world as well as the old, which does not
need to have half its dwelling-places destroyed.
Perhaps Stockholm, reconditioned under a
Socialist regime, may claim to be an exception ;
Vienna was doing hopefully until its spirit was
broken by Dollfuss and the CathoHc reaction.
For the rest, behind a few hundred main avenues
and prospects, sea and river fronts, capitols,
castles and the like, filthy slums and rookeries
cripple childhood and degrade and devitalise its
dulled elders. You can hardly say people arc
born into such surroundings ; they are only
half born.
With the co-operation of the press and the
cinema it would be easy to engender a world-
wide public interest and enthusiasm for the new
%types of home and fitment that are now attainable
by everyone. Here would be an outlet for urban
and regional patriotism, for local shame and
pride and effort. Here would be stuff to aigne
about. Wherever men and women have been